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The Sheraton Pine Cliffs Resort is an award-winning family resort situated in Algarve, Portugal. While you enjoy the high-end lodgings, you can also enjoy the neighboring beaches. All services and facilities are made possible through the Luxury Collection brand of Starwood Hotels. There are several accommodation options that you will be able to select from when you book your stay in the Pine Cliffs Resort. You can decide to stay in the five star Sheraton hotel, the private town houses or villas, the golf suites, or the rentable flats. You will be able to experience complete accommodations or simply take pleasure in the seclusion of a villa while in the resort. All the facilities and lodgings are on 72 acres of land encircled by fully grown pine trees.It is located on the Albufeira’s reddish cliffs where you are able to enjoy the beautiful views of the Praia de Falesia shore plus the moor-inspired architecture as well as the exuberant gardens. Voted the best family resort in Portugal for four years in a row, the Sheraton Pine Cliffs Resort has something to offer all the family. During your stay in the resort, you’ll be able to enter into various activities including spa treatments, water sports, tennis lessons, golf matches, as well as other events. Each of the above mentioned activities as well as the unnamed services are offered through the Starwood Hotel. The Pine Cliffs Resort is also the ideal holiday destination for individuals seeking high-end escapes, athletes seeking sporting interests, as well as people who are just looking to enjoy the finer things in life.{The Sheraton Pine Cliffs Resort appears to be the vacation destination for anybody seeking a successful break.| The resort’s goal will be an all-around perfect destination to anybody searching for a vacation.| The mission of the Pine Cliffs Resort is to offer their guests with the best possible vacation.|The luxury resort strives to be a one-stop vacation destination for folks seeking an exclusive getaway.| The Sheraton Pine Cliffs Resort’s primary goal is to function as the premier holiday destination forpeople who are searching for a holiday in Portugal.

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